Take Necessary Steps togetyour site Indexed by Google

Though it is important to create your website in the best way, it is more important for you to get your site indexed by Google and the major search engines. Here are some effective points for developing your website to ensure it can be found by potential customers.

  • Update your website contents at regular intervals; do not have the same content for several months.
  • Host your website with a reliablecompany with reliable servers. Check that they have very good uptime and you can host all your content properly.
  • Do not publish duplicate or very similar contents on your website. If the content in your site are with poor standard, Google will not recognize your site.

Design Your Website with Sitemap

Google will only index your website when you have a sitemap within your website. The sitemap can be easily created and Google provides the tools to do it. You can follow the guidelines in Tips to Help Google Index Your Web Pages Easily. These guidelines include:

  • How to reduce the loading duration of your website. If you have very large images or PDF files, the search engine may need longer crawling time. This means your website will take longer to load and may not be quickly opened or visible.
  • How to improve indexing by creating effective On-page links through interlinking your blog pages
  • Pinging is another effective option to get indexed and there are popular ping services for this purpose.

Submitting Your Website to Online Directories

If your website is popular, automatically Google will index your website. You can submit your website in all popular online web directories. There are thousands of possible directories to use. You need to select directories intelligently, so that you can add your web address in these directories. If you work manually for submitting your link, you will have real benefits in indexing your website in Google. These are some of the very effective steps for indexing your website with Google.

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