Do You Need an SEO Audit?

Do You Need an SEO Audit?

– Has your Google ranking dropped suddenly or is your website traffic falling?

– Do you want to improve your website’s visibility on search results?

– Do you want to understand website optimization before building or upgrading your website?

– Would you like to discover any unfriendly search engine features on your website?

A thorough SEO audit answers all of these questions and more. The SEO audit begins with an analysis of your website. SEO website audits ensure that your site is Google compliant and is maximizing its ability to rank higher on Search Engines. Google is constantly changing the way it measures websites (algorithm). A good SEO audit will prepare your site for all of your future online marketing objectives.

The SEO Audit from a professional company will include the following; Research, Audits, Recommendations and implementation strategy to support a maximized Search Engine Optimization campaign. The campaign will be designed to achieve significant Search Engine ranking improvement and to ensure that there is natural growth in visibility to the important search engines; such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

The SEO Audit should have several or all of the following key components;

Keyword Ranking

– review and analyze the list of current keywords. Where are they ranked? What needs to be done to rank them higher? What is holding them back? Are there keyword opportunities that we are missing?

Website Structure

– the website is thoroughly checked for all on-site, off-site and structural parameters. The website needs to be Google compliant and can be easily read by the major search engines.

Website Content

– In the world of Google, content is King (or Queen). The SEO audit will take a close look at how well the site engages visitors. In addition a competitor analysis is required to understand how your site compares to others in you0r industry. and how does the content compare to competitors

Website Traffic

– an in depth look at overall website traffic, who – is coming to your site? And are they new or returning visitors? Where did they come from? Is social media helping? Did they follow a link? And which links are working for you? Why did the visitor come to your site? What are they looking for and di they find it? How long did the visitor spend on your site and what is your bounce rate?

Backlink Analysis

– Every link to and from your site needs to be analyzed. Where did they come from? How many are there and how do you compare to your competitors? Are the links Google compliant? Just one bad link can seriously hurt your rankings or take your site down

Social Presence

– tracks customer and competitor engagement and penetration of social media channels. The audit needs to understand critical Social media factors, such as: how many followers and likes to does your site have? Hat is the best way to engage your customers? Which form of Social media works best and what type of content interests them?

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