Checking for Bad Links and Avoid Google Penalty

Link building is one of the most important factors in designing a website. It’s criticalthat you institute a program to continually check and audit for bad links, so that you can avoid a ranking penalty from Google. If your website has good links, you can improve traffic, build your brand and generate more revenue.  As the most powerful search engine in the world, Google has provided requirement guidelines for online link quality. Using Google Webmaster Guidelines will tell you exactly what needs to be done to enhance or correct any unusual or inappropriate activity.

Tracking And Monitoring Links

It is necessary to track your links. Both the traffic and the page ranking of the link need to be checked with Google. If traffic is not increasing in your links, you may not need the links. If you have very strong links, with genuine traffic, your website may be able to generate traffic. Unless you learn How to Check and Audit Low Quality Links to Your Website, you can may never reach your desired level.  In addition, the links may be connected to the spam websites and in this case, the links need to be removed, immediately.

Linking to High Quality Contents

Google is very serious in maintaining the standards of website content. If your links are low quality content, the search engine may panelize you. It is not easy to create quality content. You need to ensure that you are linking your website with high quality contents. There are effective tools to check for bad links and if you find that the links are not worthy to add to your website, you need to remove them, before you get into trouble. The purpose of adding links to the websites is to improve traffic and page ranking. If your website has poor quality links, your website may not be recognized by Google. If you are not familiar with checking and auditing the links, you can consult the best search engine optimization specialist to help you in finding low standard links. By being vigilant with link quality you can help to bring potential customers to your site and improve your online business.

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