7 Steps for Sales Success

7 Steps for Sales Success

If you are a business owner or sales manager who wants to continue to develop your team and grow your business, these steps should help.

1. Make it easy for your customers to buy.
Ensure your sales process has no barriers and is not confusing or complicated for your clients. Keep it simple. Ask if there is anything more you can do to satisfy them. KISS

2. Welcome change.
Evaluate your sales process regularly. Incorporate changes that make sense. Sales teams committed to improving performance, will succeed. They do not rest on their past success.

3. Technology is your friend.
Sales technology helps you maintain contact information, manage relationships and update reports. Systems must be user-friendly and help to streamline your sales activities.

4. Challenge your sales team.
Establish performance objectives for your sales team. They should stretch the team’s abilities in a realistic way. Make sure the performance measurement system promotes accuracy, transparency, consistency and fairness.
5. Recognition and rewards.
Set clear objectives. Measure progress. Reward achievement. It is important to recognize effort and success. It is critical to incentivize positive sales behaviour.

6. Company strategy.
Your team must be able to articulate why they do what they do, from a personal and professional perspective. The more they are dedicated to the company and what their offering can do for their customers, the more successful they will be. Keep your customer’s best interests at heart.

7. Follow the leader.
You are the team leader. You set the tone. If you are positive and upbeat, your sales force will be too. The team needs to be confident. They must believe they can win.

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