6 Reasons why Social Media is here to stay

6 Reasons why Social Media is here to stay

Your customers use social media.You need to be on social media so they can find you! Here are 6 reasons why Social Media is here to stay:

1. Social media will provide you with valuable comments and opinions from your customers

People love to share their experiences, both good and bad, on many social media sites.  This can be very valuable information for your business. If you are proactive your customer comments can help you make informed business decisions based on your target market.

2. Get your name out there

Creating a fan page on Facebook will encourage your customers to write testimonials about your unique and wonderful products and services.  It will improve the reputation of your business. It will also make it easier for you to attract new customers, which will definitely make your business grow by leaps and bounds.

3. What a great way to show off your products

Social media sites have completely changed the world of business. Social media lets your customer see your product.  Do you have a cell phone?  It’s as easy as that.  Just take pictures of your products with your phone.  Then share your photos to all of your social media sites. You can even get a computer program that will let you access Instagram from your laptop.

4. Your website will have an increase in traffic

Your business must already have a website.  If you don’t have a website for your business, you are just gifting your potential business to your competition.  It is not enough to have a website and do nothing else. It is important to search engine optimize (SEO) your website. However, in addition to SEO, you need to use social media.  The use of social media will drive more traffic to your website. Search engines are increasingly giving more rank value, to social media activity. These would include activities like; posting, gaining followers, connections and content creation.  You may need to nurture your customers so they will share your posts with a link to your site.  It’s not just about a sales pitch on social media.  Social media also entertains and informs your followers.

5. Connections with customers

Social media is being used by business owners to communicate with their customers.  One of the most popular ways of using social media is with Facebook.  You might not even know that people are already talking about your products, posting pictures of them on Instagram and tweeting about how good they are on Twitter.  You should want to be involved in what they are saying and encouraging them to do more of it.  Many tweets are about products.  Make those tweets about your products!

6. Make more online sales

Facebook makes it quite easy for your customers to buy your product through the purchase of  “buy now” buttons on your Facebook account.  Selling more products on Facebook, will help you save costs in other aspects of your business.  You might eventually need less people to take orders in your business.   It is an extremely efficient and cost effective way to make more sales.

Social media is unavoidable and it is here to stay.  It is a powerful tool that is being used by millions of businesses.  If you are not using it in your business, your competition is.  Why wait?  Start tweeting about your products and services. Get a Facebook page.  Start posting photos of your products on Instagram.  It’s never too late!

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